0% fees apply to selling?

I noticed the other day if one only uses the list (not grid as previously written) layout for the companies then the 0% fees feature does not show.

Anyhow does the 0% fees apply to selling also?

Hi @newuser1,

Our EUR market has 0% service fees, the early sales fee of 0.25% still applies.

RE the interface not showing the 0% service fees in the list view I will pass this feedback on to our UX team.

Lizzie -WiseAlpha Team

Hi @newuser1

Great to hear you’re using the grid layout. We’ve got a revamped view on the WiseAlpha Market, and it does show the 0% fees.

We’re aiming to release this new version to everyone soon!

Market - Grid View

Market - List View

I have amended my original post. It should have read list view instead of grid view.