Bond requests 🙏

Request bonds that you would like to see on the site! Other users can vote on your suggestions.

So, I’m not sure either of these will be available, or I’d want to invest them, but how about for the near long term:

Zopa, to fund it’s bank

Sirius Minerals, if it ever get’s there!

Both come along with their own army of “fans”!

On a more serious note, US Dollar Corporate Bonds. It that possible? Is it a long term plan?

For existing issues on the platform, what drives your selection criteria (WA’s)?

I have the privilege of the first post on this board :smiley_cat:

Are you planning/allowing for the creation of pages to discuss the merits of existing bonds on the site?

I know from using other Discourse boards that’s a function. If so, are you planning to create “catergory” flags for existing WA notes?


Thank you for making contact!

We are always looking at new bond opportunities to offer diversification across sectors and appreciate your suggestions.

I like your thought about USD corporate bonds. Our first focus is to increase the number of EUR denominated bonds available – this is a EUR499bn market that could be great for WiseAlpha.

Yes, please do create new discussion topics for existing bonds on the site. We really value what our clients think about different investments.

We will create a Category for this now for you – It is labelled ‘Market chat’.



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Thanks Tim. I’ll try at some point posting something and testing out making a new thread.

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I’m looking forward to the expansion into US bonds.


Have you guys thought about getting some more Jaguar Land Rover?

I can’t remember the last time I saw any available and there is only £100k in total on WiseAlpha. The fact its 0% fees could be a bit of a downer from your point of view though.

How come we never saw any more Oak North Bonds come up? They never seem to pop up on the secondary market either.

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Hi Kazamx, thanks for your suggestion. OakNorth is an illiquid issue, so it can be tough to source - but we’ll keep an eye out.

What interests you about OakNorth?

Is there a chance they will become more liquid? I thought I noticed today a comment saying they’ve started having defaults on their loan book.
I’m sure it was them and it’s was reported by AltFi.
It’s been a busy day, so anything is possible! Including me being confused. LOL

I wonder if there’s a simple way of getting more dialogue going on this subject. Maybe a simple resource showing a full list of eligable Sterling or Eurobonds.
So one might come forward then with a strong idea that cold benfit all of us.

Let me get back to you on this - unfortunately a lot of content is pay walled, so I’ll have to check what can be shared.

Currently we have the register interest button for bonds previously available on the site. Soon we’ll have pages (inc. financials) for bonds that we are thinking of adding; that way, you can use the register interest button to vote on prospective additions. I’ll also make sure that we publish a list of those bonds for you guys here.

Thanks Callum.

That’s what I suspected.

It’s a very hit & miss game for the average retail user when coming up with a name to investigate without some kind of paid access or terminal.

That’s an interesting development. Seeing the bonds you are considering.


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So, here we go. The lack of a paid service might show, but I did say I’d have a little look around.

£250,000,000 8.00 per cent. Subordinated Notes

It they appears they have a higher coupon bond, as well one ane around c4%, the last price I could find showed the higher bond as just below par.

Eitherway, interesting business.

As getting this far required several open tabs I haven’t looked that deeply, but on the face of it… :face_with_head_bandage:

Let the chat commence :face_with_monocle:

“Jaguar Land Rover causes biggest loss in Indian corporate history” I think this dates back to February. I believe Tata lost $4billion

I’d be less interested in the yield. I think I’d like to check the Prospectus for “change of ownership” clauses. Tata Motors can’t be independent for that much longer can they?

I don’t follow the company, but I think it’s listed in New York and Bombay. I guess that would be my starting point if I was interested.

Here’s Bloomberg on the issue:

Jaguar Woes Lead to Tata Motors Loss for the History Books

From February 7, 2019, 7:30 AM EST Updated on February 8, 2019, 5:33 AM EST

More partnerships for the auto industry?

Thanks Callum,

Yes a list of potential bonds on here or the website would be great.

Would you look at adding investment grade sterling? I’d be interested in anything around A or BBB with decent yields.

Keep up the good work!


Hi Mark,

Here’s our coverage of IG Sterling (omitting bonds without availability):

Company Maturity Coupon YTM ISIN Industry Asset Security Moody’s S&P Fitch Available
Marks & Spencer 10/07/2027 3.3% 3.0% XS2024535036 Retail Senior Unsecured Baa3 BBB- BBB- £32,029
Royal London Mutual 07/10/2049 4.9% 4.4% XS2061962465 Banks & Financials Unsecured Baa1 BBB+ £25,944
TP ICAP 26/01/2024 5.3% 2.7% XS1555815494 Banks & Financials Senior Unsecured BBB- £15,192
Pension Insurance Corporation 23/11/2026 8.0% 3.3% XS1523966197 Banks & Financials Unsecured BBB+ £37,531
DP World 25/09/2030 4.3% 3.0% XS1883878883 Energy, Utilities & Infrastructure Senior Secured Baa1 BBB+ £14,284
Vodafone 12/08/2056 3.0% 2.7% XS1472483772 Cable & Telecoms Senior Unsecured Baa2 BBB+ £14,036
Paragon Group 09/09/2026 7.3% 5.9% XS1482136154 Banks & Financials Unsecured BBB- £1,910
GKN (Crossover) 12/05/2032 4.6% 4.0% XS1611857795 Automotive Senior Unsecured Ba1 BBB- BB+ £38,016

We’ll also be adding Provident Financial 5.125% due 2023, XS1209091856, rated BBB- by Fitch.

While we’re looking at Aroundtown XS1857310814, Babcock Int. XS1499603170, Deutsche Telekom XS1948630634, DeutscheBank XS1751321719, and Pemex XS1718868307.

Are you also considering Bruntwood 6% 2025?

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Hi gbeard, we’re not considering Bruntwood just now.

Cheers. On the subject of new issues, retail IPO’s, what’s the long term plan?

We’ll continue to participate in new issues that we find attractive, whether they be retail or institutional. Previously, we participated in D&G’s Seniors & Subs at issuance along with the Co-Op Bank’s AT2s due 2029. As we scale, it’ll become easier for us to participate in institutional issues.

Turning back to Bruntwood, we’ve been looking at the bond today, and it’s highly likely we’ll participate once we’ve finished our review.