Can we add a TOTAL to the account?

Hi WA team,

A quick UI question: On both the web app and the iphone app there doesn’t seem to be a ‘total account value’, unless I’m missing something?

Each time I check my account I need to get out the calculator to add up Portfolio Value + Wallet +/- Pending Orders (I can never remember if pending orders are already deducted from the wallet, which is confusing)

It would be great if there was a simple total. To be honest that’s really the only thing I check (unless I’m topping up bonds!) and it’s the one thing missing :wink:

It would also be helpful if the wallet was just the cash value without any adjustments. If there needs to be an ‘available balance’ after deduction of pending buy orders that could be shown separately, it’s just slightly confusing at present.

Many thanks.

@MarkO I’ve chatted with @ChristianWiseAlpha and we both agree there should be a total.

We’re thinking of a single total figure across all accounts. One major enhancement that we’re working on behind the scenes is to compute rates of return (IRR) both historical and into the future.

I feel excited about that – investors should be able to easily see their annualised rate to make informed decisions about their returns.

Then the UI/UX should be refreshed once, to include the the IRRs and in the process make Totals more visible.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the quick reply.

IRRs: agreed, this would be a useful addition. Especially for users who periodically add cash to the account, it can be hard to keep track of actual returns.

Totals: I only have one account, so a single total would be fine for me. Other users might have separate EUR and GBP accounts which might benefit from their own sub-totals.

Cash balance: do you think you could look at this as well? The current calculation (‘cash’ = cash less pending purchases) is a bit confusing, it would be better if ‘cash’ = cash. A separate ‘available to invest’ value could show the effect of pending orders if required.

Kind regards,