Green Bonds On Trend?

I think you’ve said somewhere there’s enough instruments on the platform, but how about some Green Bonds?

Premier Inn owner Whitbread has priced £550m in green bonds.

When Property Week launched The Climate Crisis Challenge in partnership with
UKGBC just over a year ago, we on the finance desk lauded the initiative, but
warned that there was no agreed basis for validating and comparing green real
estate debt – and the potential for a lot of greenwashing.

They don’t need to be property related, these just turned up in my news flow this morning.

Alongside 215 other notifications. So that’s all from me for a while :slight_smile:



Hi gbeard,

We’re looking out for Green bond opportunities where they make sense. A lot tend to come at very low rates which means demand on our platform will be weak. We have things like AMP clean energy on our site and are looking for more. We support the move by Rishi Sunak to offer government green bonds and invest in clean energy.


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Good to hear from you Rezaah, yeah so do I. I was a little put off by the idea of the new green “gilt” being a prize based issue, like premium bonds, but I suppose if it has the same tax benefits them it might be interesting if we get the BofE’s tiger! Interesting lecture/audiocast if you haven’t caught it.
I appreciate what you are saying. Serendipity and all that.
I bought a few small positions off Triodos et al. mainly around 5%. I guess in the interim that will need to satisfy my desire for ethical investments!
I like the AMP issue myself. I also liked the Italian crowd, who’s name I can’t recall at the moment.
Thanks for responding.