Hi WiseAlpha Community

Hi WiseAlpha Community!

I’m Anil (but you can call me Kumar) and I’m the new Community Manager here at WiseAlpha.

I would like to say that I feel very lucky to be given the opportunity to develop and grow our community and I am extremely excited for what’s to come over the next year!

My vision for our community is simple – confidence, positivity, and influence.

  • I want you to feel confident that any concerns you have will be dealt with in a quick and efficient manner.

  • I want to promote positivity because we have created an exciting product and we want to be viewed as a pioneer in the fintech industry.

  • I want you to feel influential because your voice matters, and your ideas are what drives us forward as a thought leader in our industry.

If you have any additional thoughts that you would like to add to my vision, I am happy to listen and action them.

I love to learn (call me cliché) and hearing all your thoughts and ideas for the direction of our community and WiseAlpha is going to be a pleasure.

I look forward to learning more about you all and I hope that this is the start of a great relationship between us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and here’s to a successful 2021!

Best wishes,

Community Manager


It would be nice if the questions asked in the past couple of months were answered. You’ve a lot of backlog to go through.

I would start by making the roadmap for new feature & bug fixes public.


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Nice to have you on board!

It would be good if you could give an answer to the questions relating to the latest raise on Crowdcube and how it effects shareholders on the seeder’s platform. The crowdcube raise looks to be complete, yet the seeder’s price has not been updated, and it would be good to clarify if a pre-emptive round will follow on seeder’s for existing shareholders. Questions have been posted on here and on Seeders but with little response.


Hi Kumar, welcome. The forum is a great way for investors/users to keep in touch, and is definitely one of WA’s strengths. I like the ‘vision’ points you laid out above, and looking forward to seeing you around the forum.


It’s our intention to go ahead with a pre-emption round on Seedrs, but I don’t have firm timelines for this at the moment. We needed to prioritise the time we had to spend on administering that round with other matters.

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@nlopes this week’s post on New Payment Processing Capabilities describes Foreign Exchange and Reoccurring Payments which are two major features that are coming in the near-term.

Colleagues in Engineering and Marketing have volunteered to put some posts on the shareholder forum about what they are working on, so there will be more info forthcoming in February.