IFISA still a product?

Hello, is IFISA still a product? I have an account in my portfolio, but I can’t put any cash into it, robowise doesn’t want to work with it… so somewhat blocked.


I think they killed the ISA a year or two chack. At least I can’t remember seeing it for a long time.

They did say something ages ago about implementing something new. They might need to pull their fingers out or they will miss another tax year soon :slight_smile:

I too am waiting for the ISA before shifting a chunk of funds.

Waiting for the ISA product too. Doesn’t leave us a lot of time to know the new product and invest. @WiseAlpha Do you know if it will be before April 2021? Don’t want to lose this year allowance?


Yep… without ISA product you can’t really use wisealpha for major investment, as you will be charged tax on any ibterest earned (over 500/100£ Depending on your tax circumstance).

I am also waiting for ISA product… bit slow in rolling out products/features it feels.

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I was hoping that you would be able to purchase individual bonds from the main market within the IFISA. However, WiseAlpha has decided that they want their bonds listed to enable them to be purchased from a wider pool of savings - S&S ISAs. I feel this ignore the main customer base which have already invested in the main market. Tax implications and additional paperwork are the reason I haven’t invested more. I feel the IFISA is a forgotten product


Any update on an ISA account? The tax next year is going to really hit into profits.

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Time is ticking guys. If you aren’t going to do anything can you please let us know.


Any update guys? This is the one thing holding me back from being able to invest significantly more.