Is there any interest to get involved in Blockchain/Crypto

For a number of reasons, not least as a hedge towards inflation, and the huge exposure thus gains expected over the course of the continuously rising adoption.

Is there any reason why WiseAlpha is not (to my knowledge), getting involved in Blockchain enterprises, or even Crypto projects?

Oh please not!
You can trade bitcoin elsewhere…

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Sorry Nlopes but you obviously don’t understand blockchain, you don’t need Bitcoin to utilise blockchain.

It is one of the biggest discussion points I’ve had at the United Nations, and various Governments, it rules out a host of traditional issues in emerging/developing and mature nations, from information to corruption.

Hence i am surprised that we are not seeing any movement by WiseAlpha in this arena.

In fact, if WiseAlpha is not going to move into it, I’d rather be liquidated of my holdings in WiseAlpha.

Wisealpha is for corporate bonds and there are no crypto bonds.

If you don’t want WA to offer trading of crypto coins, what product did you have in mind?
I’m not aware of any such blockchain-based product/security.