⚡️ Market filters have arrived | BETA testers wanted

Good news!

With over 130 different investments available in our Marketplace, many of you have been asking for enhanced functionality that will help quickly find the right investment for you.

The good news is that our engineers have been busy making this request reality, allowing clients to filter the market page by maturity date, returns, and more.

We’re looking for 40 clients to test the market page before release and provide feedback. Think you can help?

Comment below or email lizzie@wisealpha.com directly.

I would be interested in trialling this.

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Hi Lizzie ,
I’m happy to test the marketing page and provide feedback

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Happy to help. Seems like a good idea.

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I’d be happy to join the testing group also

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I would like to help.

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Thank you all! I will sort this today for you.


Happy to help. let me know what needs to be done :slight_smile:

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Dear Lizzie, Could I also try the Beta Market filters please - THANKS

We’re releasing to everyone on Monday!