New Payment Processing Capabilities

Dear Shareholders,

Last week we announced to our clients a huge development in our payment processing capabilities which makes it even easier to invest in Fractional Bonds.

The revamped platform is already bringing meaningful benefits that are felt by our clients:

  1. Real-Time Bank Transfers - Transfers sent from clients’ linked bank accounts are applied to their WiseAlpha account as soon as funds are received.

  2. Support Revolut and TransferWise - Clients can use Revolut or TransferWise as their linked bank accounts. This is particularly helpful for UK clients who want to invest in Euros and EU clients who want to invest in Pounds.

  3. Additional Payment Options - include Euro Debit cards and Open Banking Payments in Pounds.

Our engineering team is working on further improvements including recurring payments to help investors set aside regular amounts in their Robowise portfolios, and foreign exchange to make investing across Pounds and Euros seamless. These features are scheduled to launch in the next 8 to 10 weeks.

We wanted to highlight to our shareholders why this next-generation cash processing platform is critical to our mission of making Fractional Bonds accessible to everyone.

As we explained in our June 2020 shareholder update, before we WiseAlpha had client money permissions and we needed to use a third-party client-money provider, our marketplace could not process much more than several dozens of trades a minute.

Our re-designed platform is already achieving hundreds of trades a minute and was built by our engineers in a scalable way so that it can achieve far higher volumes in the future in response to a spike in active users which we expect to see when our first partner integration goes live.

Key characteristics of our re-designed platform include:

  1. Critical software is arranged as a collection of loosely coupled services (“microservices”)
  2. It’s deployed using Elastic Container Service (ECS) on the Amazon cloud computing environment
  3. It’s operated with appropriate monitoring to detect computer memory and processing bottlenecks

If you are also a platform investor, we encourage you to try out these new features the next time you visit the WiseAlpha marketplace.



I’m particularly looking forward to recurring payments for Robowise.

I have already noticed that transfers into Wise Alpha are happening much quicker (pretty much instantly).

Yesterday, several coupon payments were credited to my wallet on the actual payment date. Usually this take up to a few days. I do not know if this is related to the nee payment processing but if this is an added benefit that is also a welcome feature.

Well done WA team. It’s nice to see the offering continue to develop from a user perspective, and good to know behind-the-scenes the platform is being future proofed as well. Keep up the good work!

The back-end for making reoccurring payments into Robowise is actually ready, so if you’d like to set up a standing order at your bank, we can give you the bank reference you should use so money is automatically routed to your Robowise portfolio. If you’d like to try this route, drop us an email ( with your account name.

Nice you noticed! Yes, all transfers into WiseAlpha (be they client deposits or interest payments) which have the right bank reference and sending details are processed in seconds.

Coupon Payments have the following route: Bank of New York → WiseAlpha PLC Custody Account (part 1) and WiseAlpha PLC to WiseAlpha Technologies Limited to your wallet (Part 2).

Before we had client money permissions, we had a third-party in the chain of Part 2, which led to a delay if coupons arrived after 4pm (they were processed next day).

IQ/EQ, the administrators of WiseAlpha PLC, are handling all money movements and we are introducing enhancements using Open Banking to help our administratros be more efficient.

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