New Release - Coming Soon Bonds

Hello Shareholders.

In November the team released another enhancement to our Market: Coming Soon Bonds.

It is now possible for clients to review upcoming bonds and place an order to avoid missing out on future listings. Client orders are finalised once the bonds become available.

Since orders are prioritised on a first come first serve basis, clients are encouraged to jump into the queue to be ahead of the curve.

Not only is this a useful feature for clients, it also helps the investing team forecast demand and source the right volume of bonds.

This week in the Coming Soon Bonds section we have a new issue: the 5% 2030 bond from the Greensleeves Homes Trust Charity. When we have a new issue in the primary market, as more clients indicate to us the wish to buy the bond via Coming Soon page, we are able to transmit the aggregate orders to Allia C&C ( the lead arranger of the deal.

Greensleeves Care is a charity which provides care for older people in its residential, dementia and nursing homes across England. As a charitable trust, the Charity operates on a not-for-profit basis, so all funds available are invested back into the operations of the Charity. In this way, Charity is able to offer care and services to residents whilst charging comparatively modest fees. Greensleeves Home Trust is issuing new debt to use the proceeds of the issue of the Bonds to pursue the strategy of sustainable development whereby the charitable impact of the Charity expands in an enduring and affordable manner.

It feels great to be helping connect our clients who want to invest with charities like Greensleeves which are looking to raise money to continue their important public benefits.

Best, Christian


Good idea - up to a point.
You might want to talk to Naked Wines, they made offers to members - β€œwe will be getting $so_much of $some_good_stuff on $date - get in there”. This worked really well whilst the number of users were below a certain level and then it eventually got to be you did not get in there within 5m you missed out. A year later I moved on to TWS.

In other words you need to be aware of the impact of scaling - you will not have the same issues as NW, but there are parallels, and as a shareholder I really hope you do scale and handle it well

Thank you Andrew for taking the time to provide some feedback and suggestions - very much appreciated. We will look to incorporate these in our discussions.

Best wishes,