Partnerships ideas

Hi everyone, we are working on some interesting partnerships! Who would you like to see us partnering with? Bonus points if you can make some interesting introductions…

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Another Crowcube funded business Chip might be a good fit. I think they are actively looking for partnership that will offer their users returns on their savings. Not HNW though, more mass market.

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Thanks for the tip! We’ll look into it! More ideas welcome…

For euro bonds, I would partner with this Portuguese bank:
They used to sell fractional bonds from an investment bank that went bankrupt, and haven’t offered those since then. They still have an online bond trading platform (incl corporate).
They are the biggest fund market in Portugal. I can help with translation, but I don’t know anyone at the top.

In Europe, degiro would be great, but now it’s not a good time since they have just been acquired.

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It would be amazing if you could partner up with Monzo. I would love to be able to buy bonds on wisealpha through the Monzo app with the money I roundup into pots. Currently I just move money from Monzo to wisealpha when there is enough in the pot.

Imagine being able to use Monzos marketplace to invest in Robowise or smartinterest.

Anything you could do with Freetrade? Saying that if you list the fractional bonds then mybe I can buy them through freetrade.

To be honest just trying to get all my investment vehicles wrapped up together :slight_smile:


Also can we have a hint on the partnerships.

Lets say 4th letter of the name and the height of the CEO

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Thanks for the tip! We’ll look into that. And might ask your translation help if we need!

Ahah! Unfortunately not! But we will disclose soon.

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We’re not even sure how tall @RezaahWiseAlpha is… It’s a current office debate.

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Chip would definitely be a great match. They have a huge demand but lack of supply for return based savings with their Chip X platform thats currently in the works

@AndreaWiseAlpha are we able to pursue partnerships in US or South America yet?

While not bond related I think a partnership with revolut would be beneficial.

Revolut is an app that is connected to a card which allows an easy way to spend your money with ease no matter what country you are in.

I also think it would be a great way to add money to your Wisealpha account and then have the earnings go back into the revolut card.

HI Jeff,

interesting angle! Thanks for the hint.


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Well we are more focused on this side of the ocean right now! But happy to consider opportunities over there as well! Our horizons are unlimited.

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Great tip. We definitely fit any platform that might have a user base interested in earning competitive yields. Thanks

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All neobanks such as Revolut are adding savings / investments features for retail investors. In Revolut case, Cryptocurrencies (2018), “fractional” US stocks (2019), UK savings accounts (few days ago) with a multicurrencies approach so a partnership with Wisealpha to cover the “bond market” would make a lot of sense.


Yeah I’ve been reading up on the new things revolut has added and I really do think a partnership with them would be mutually beneficial.

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I agree! Working hard here to achieve some partnerships like the one you suggested.


Jeff…do you have contacts at the neo banks? I might be able to help if you dont

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No I don’t have any contacs at any neobanks. I do have a revolut account but that’s it.