Smart Interest not available anymore

Hello Everyone,

I was just wondering what happened to smart interest bonds.
I do not see them in the Market page.
Also if you have any balance in your IFISA account you cannot invest them at the moment. is this correct?
Any plans for the smart interest bond to come back?


Hi Yogesh,

Great to hear from you!

We made a business decision to no longer continue with our Smart Interest product. Unfortunately, this does mean that it is not open to further investment through our IF ISA.

However, good news on the horizon. We are looking at introducing a new ISA in 2021, as soon as I have more details I will certainly let you know.

Lizzie- WiseAlpha Team

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Hi Lizzie,

Thanks for your quick reply.
Sad to hear about the smart interest product being discontinued. This was my go-to product.
Looking forward for more details about the new ISA.
Also if you have a timeline this would be great for all investors. I believe this will help them to judge whether to leave their capital in the ISA account or move it to a different product until the release of the new ISA.

Best Regards