Update on Seedrs


Can we get an update on the Seedrs pre-emption round please? There’s been no updates at all on that platform for a significant amount of time…



Would be great to get an update on this from someone please


Would still be great to get an update on this please. Someone, anyone…

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WiseAlpha team. There’s not been an update on the Seedrs platform since Rezaah last published on 14th Jan 2019. It’s incredibly poor form. How about treating the people that invested with you from the outset with a little bit more respect and at least acknowledge the concerns and when we might expect an update of some sort?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Odonro

Thanks for your messages. We ought to have replied earlier – you’re right.

I wouldn’t take our lack of replies to mean we don’t respect the people who invested with us from the outset. In fact, it’s the opposite.

I can say that Rezaah, myself, and the team are extremely focused on showing respect to our shareholders in the appropriate manner – which is creating shareholder value. To the proximate topic – when will the Seedrs preemption round be available – I will aim to get you an answer shortly.

It’s our intention to go ahead with a pre-emption round, but we need to prioritise the time we spend on administering that round with other matters.

When you have a moment – please feel free to drop me an email and I’d be happy to speak on the phone where you can share more of your concerns and feedback with me. (tom@wisealpha.com)



Odonro, we’ll be getting up the Seedrs round over the next few weeks - Apologies, I’ve been a bit tied up on other matters but we’re working with Seedrs to get it ready.

Kind regards,