User Experience Thoughts / Suggestions

WiseAlpha Team:
Thank you for the great product so far. I am especially pleased with the quality (yet ease) of all the reporting and ability to export very detailed excel files (which are well organized / explained). I know the team is busy with many more important infrastructure/scaling projects, but I thought I would share some thoughts for features that would be nice to have sometime down the road. Keep up the good work. Happy to explain any of the below with team members in more details if needed.

User Experience Thoughts / Suggestions:

  • Bid Price Range: Ability to create a bid range when buying a specific bond. At the moment, in the event of price movement, you get an e-mail to confirm that you accept the new price. Would be helpful to set up a price range so orders are automatically executed as long as the price is in that range.
  • Automatic Buy: I like the function to register interest and the e-mail notification once the bonds are available, but would be useful to have the ability to create a standing order to automatically buy £X worth of bonds for a price range (to be specified by the investor) once the bonds are available (also gives WA an indication of how much to source from the secondary market to meet demand). While the e-mail is helpful, sometime the bonds are gone by the time I log in or see the email.
  • Return calculations: At the moment, gains/returns are only shown in terms of £. Would be helpful to have the ability to get annualized return in % (either TWR or MWR) - in addition to the Current Yield and YTM of the whole portfolio that is currently offered). Would be helpful to have the returns as % for each bond as well in the detailed excel file downloads.

UX - Website

  • Historic Bond Pricing: Would be helpful to have bond price chart for various periods (1M, YTD, 1 Yr, etc). At the moment I would use Bloomberg or other sources (like exchange websites) to look at the historic price movement. I find this feature important while researching high yield bonds (more so than main market bonds) to be able to identify prior price movements and research the news/events that was effecting the price at the time to compare it to the current conditions (or to identify if past events that effected price movements have changed)
  • Bar chart with 12-month (or longer) showing earned interest, accrued interest and upcoming interest payment. Very high level (not bond by bond). While all this can be viewed via the activities function on the website, it’s helpful to have a snapshot of upcoming interest payment in the account as a whole to plan future investments / capital allocation
  • Chart with portfolio value evolution for each account

UX – iPhone App:

  • Market: At the moment the default display is YTM, but would be helpful to be able to sort out / display the bonds by current yield (I know that you can filter for that).
  • News Centre in the app (similar to the website)
  • Modify/cancel open order: At the moment, cancelling or modifying an order is not possible from the App

Hi Ahmed,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s very helpful. I’ll defer some of the comments about how our market functions to my colleague Tom.

Bid price and automatic buy are great suggestions and things that we are looking into during specific phases of our new Market roll outs in the coming months.

I’m pleased to say that features such as further sort/filter options and the News Centre being added to the app are all on our roadmap.

Regarding open orders in the app; you can cancel an open order by swiping it left and tapping ‘Cancel’. The ability to modify open orders is on the roadmap as well.

Hi @aabdulmalik

Thank you for your carefully considered list of feedback.

I’m a big fan of your suggestions Bid Price Range and Automatic Buy. I see how these features would increase convenience for you (as the buyer) whilst also increasing liquidity on our platform (reducing the time lag for the seller once they enter their sell-order).

@ChristianWiseAlpha, @ArtemWiseAlpha, and colleagues are developing a new version of our Market Place UX that separates Buy/Sell and Register Interest.

The new UX will allow you to “Follow” a bond if you’d like to be kept up-to-date (including receiving an email when more stock becomes available) and we are workshopping the possibility for you to put in a Buy Order into the order book that would automatically execute once more stock arrives.

Our main requirement is that you fund the buy order (i.e. entering a £500 order would decrement £500 from your wallet). Is that would you expect from the proposed functionality?


Thank you Tom. Look forward to checking out the new UX.

Personally, I don’t see holding a £500 as an issue as users can always change their mind and cancel the order should they elect to buy something else if the bonds don’t become available.