Welcome to the new Market

Hello Shareholders!

I’m happy to announce that yesterday we launched our new Market, delivering a major milestone and setting ourselves well for future growth as the breadth of available Fractional Bonds grows.

Our aim was to make the Market a place that helps clients make the most informed investing decisions, and the new market has a ton of great new features and enhancements built around the needs of clients to help them find the right investments.

On top of this we have some great new visual additions such as a revamped list view with sortable headers, and dark mode, which is optional.

Since we’ve just launched there may be a bug or two - please do report these or any suggestions for improvements you may have. We’re all ears.

And if there is something you like about the new Market, let us know and I’ll pass on the message to the team who worked on it.

Check out the new Market here




Would it be possible to add a filter for the price please?
Appreciated, thanks!

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Also, could the website save the preferences?
I don’t want to tweak the filter every single time I open the market… That’s super annoying.


One more feature request: allow opening a company’s page in another tab. If I click on the Ctrl key, the page still opens on the same tab. I like to open several tabs at once to compare instead of going back and forth.

There’s also a bug related with the option to filter out unavailable bonds. If you click on a company, and then use the browser’s go back button, then unavailable bonds show up even though the option to filter out unavailable bonds is still enabled.


Hi @nlopes

Thanks for the feedback and bug reports – some of these are known and will be fixed shortly.

Regarding your recommendations, we have already considered for a price filter for future development.

We also have the plan to build in the functionality for saved filter preferences – in the meantime you can filter and bookmark your webpage after filtering to save the selections.

Opening a company’s page in another tab – Great feedback, quick fix and something we’ll implement shortly.




Hello Christian,
Nice work.
What about current price on a bond card?
Filter for bonds CY=Coupon, CY > Coupon and CY < Coupon. Maybe CY/Coupon * 100 on bond card; search for bargain.
Sort for more than one condition?
Can we expect filters for fundamentals of a company issuing bond? Most welcome would be comparison with previous period to find companies with improving, worsening fundamentals; debt, EPS, etc.
Another idea. After I filter, could I create from the same page a new portfolio with all filtered companies in it, load it with money (£100) and money will be deployed in all of them. Some sort of WiseAlpha Investment Bond.
Last one. Maximal exposure to a company. There are currently 4 bonds for Virgin Money with. I want a slice in each of them but no more than a threshold (lets say £100) Each slice no more than lets say £30. Assuming new bonds will be coming as well as old bonds will be maturing, this mini-portfolio will be re-balanced.
(Maybe last to request should be in another forum.)

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Maybe I will get my price filter.

Hi @MartinInBonds. Welcome to the WiseAlpha Community!

Thank you for your feedback and post. A lot of great suggestions there. I have tracked them on our feature requests tracker for our next iteration of the Market.

The black view is weird for about a minute and then I start to appreciate it.
When I click on Company information, all of a sudden it looks odd because it is black on white

If the ‘dark mode’ is on, please extend it to company information

On hovering over something like
Screenshot from 2020-11-02 16-44-55
You are taken to a useful answer (good)
Two things:
I have a javascript blocker set so only wisealpha is enabled and so intercom is not and so I see
"did this answer your question … and then nothing "
Having unblocked everything, clicking on one of the 3 faces does not take me back
It seems I have to press the back button.
Some other sites ‘popover’ with a ‘close x’ button/link.
You generally want to go back where you came from.

On the financial statements
I see

If you cut and paste the text you see
Key Financials (£m) 2014A 2015A 2016A 2017A 2018A 2019A 6m 2019 6m 2020
which makes more sense, it would be better to have fewer cols what show the full headings
Looking at this on my screen i see

I can understand controlling the width of the page so you can re-flow for different screen widths and keep the same look&feel.
However, a 4 k monitor is mainstream nowadays.

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Hi @andrew

Also great feedback & bug reports.

Dark mode will be coming to the rest of the site in due course. We’d be keen to hear from anyone else that is keen on seeing dark mode across the site?

Tables and grid amends for larger screens are also planned, but unfortunately not on the immediate roadmap at present due to some other key work going on before New Year.

It would be nice to show the watchlist in list mode. I don’t really like the grid view; just takes too much time to read. I don’t need to see all the companies’ logos :slight_smile:

@nlopes Glad you’re enjoying using the enhanced List View!

You can view your watchlist in List View by going to ‘Filters’ and turning the ‘Watchlist’ category on. Screenshots attached below for convenience.

Ah, thanks. I somewhat missed it. I was searching for a more prominent button or something like that.

The issue with having the watchlist there is that once you start storing the last search, I would have to go back and forth my “exploratory” search query and the watchlist. Would be nicer if the watchlist was separated, so I can keep my “exploratory” search always saved.


How can I disable dark mode?

Found the switch next to the table filters.

Took me a while, I’d suggest to think where to put it (e.g. in user prefs or in some corner).

@nlopes Noted - I’ll track that feedback along with others to be reviewed next release.

@vitas Yes, I will most likely move it to the Settings or top right when dark mode becomes a more site wide global setting.

Another bug report: when you sort by YTM, the list is divided in the old senior/HY/perpetual/special. So the list is not actually sorted; it’s 4 separate lists.
I’m really not enjoying this new market; it’s hard to find anything there.

Also, the filter for unavailable bonds hides the ones that have bonds coming.

Another interesting filter: filter for amount invested. I want to find new bonds to invest in and thus hide ones for which I already more than x.

Finally: I would appreciate some transparency regarding the roadmap. I’ve reported some bugs a few months ago and I don’t know if they fall through the cracks or if you have prioritized something else. Other fintechs are a bit more transparent with their roadmap with features, bug fixes & ETAs. Keeps people engaged and excited, rather than feeling all their suggestions are ignored. Like I do :slight_smile: (some of my messages in another thread didn’t even receive a reply)

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Not related to the new Market, but another bug/slow response that I’ve been facing is when clicking on a Robowise portfolio. First I don’t find the experience of having the breakdown of the robowise (composition/details/activity) sliding from the right hand side to be user friendly/consistent with the overall user experience (vs when clicking the expand icon for a specific bond which results in an expansion of the section. Would find it better to open a new page. Howeve, more importantly, the section that slides from for right hand side is not very responsive and takes long time to switch between composition / details/ activity. Sometime it even feels as if the site is frozen. I am using google chrome. Happy to chat to the team if the above is not clear.

Hi @nlopes. Apologies to hear that some of your responses have slipped through the cracks. We endeavour to respond to every query we get.

Thanks for the bug reports. We are currently working through some bug fixes for the sorting on list view for the Market which should resolve any strangeness you’re seeing there. We are also looking at enhancing the list view sorting functionality to give investors greater control over sorting and filtering.

We have been looking at developing a clear roadmap for people to keep updated on what we are working on. You’ll be able to view this soon and I’ll keep you updated when we have something more solid in place.

@aabdulmalik Thanks for the feedback on the Robowise sidebar. We are looking to make the expanding sections of the bonds consistent with the Robowise sidebar. The choice of using the sidebar is to allow investors to stay in the Account detail view to quickly view the details of multiple positions if needed. I agree the sliding animation is feeling rather slow and will be getting the team to look into fixing these.

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Could you give us an update on where we are 2 months later?
We have not been given a roadmap as promised and most of the bugs reported here still remain.