WiseAlpha app 📱

Good news, the 'appy place for bond investing is nearly here!

We’re currently BETA testing our app ahead of the launch in February 2020.

Want early access? Become a BETA tester by emailing mykyta@wisealpha.com and let him know if you’re on iOS or Android.


You should be able to use this with the Discourse app :slight_smile:

iOS will indeed be through TestFlight.

On the Discourse App there is a ‘+’ button in the top left hand corner, if you type in the forum address ‘community.wisealpha.com’ then you will be able to access the WiseAlpha forum as soon as you log into the app. Hope that helps!

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e-mail sent, looking forward to testing the app out

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Great, you should have access within 24 hours! Don’t forget to let us know what you think!

You just need to supply them with what version you want and the email address you used to sign up to WiseAlpha

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Is this the thread to discuss features and changes in the app? Or will there be a beta testers thread? Just have some ideas to share

Please do share your feedback! We would love to hear your thoughts.

Cool, first things I like, is the look and feel of the app, and that it acts as the the second factor for logging into the website.

I will keep using the app but what I think is missing from the app is the activity report so what has been sold and brought. Important to me as I use robowise.

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Hi @ubique - The Activity report will definitely be making its way into the app in the near future. After our public release we’ll most likely be prioritising reporting functionality.

Please do let me know if you discover any bugs or have any other feature requests. It’s important we have your engagement to help build the best app possible.


Can you let us have an update on the launch of the app please

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Full update coming soon. -Lizzie

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Hi @WiseAlpha,

It’s been nearly a month since the full update is coming soon. Any news?

I’ve started ploughing some money into wiselpha and would be interested in helping with the beta since we are still waiting for the release. Is the beta still open for testing?

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Maybe Lizzie and a few others have been furloughed?

if not it seems a little strange that all communication seems to have stopped

Sorry for the delay in the update things have been super busy here. We’re just proofing the Shareholder update and will release soon.


Still here! We’re proofing the Shareholder update and will have it out as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay, we’ve been super busy with lots of great things (you can read all about them soon…)

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Hi @WiseAlpha is there any update on the app release? Do you still need any testers?


Hi @krr13

We are indeed still looking for testers. Please email mykyta@wisealpha.com and we’ll get you set up. App is still in heavy development - we’ll keep you posted on its full release date!

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Hi WA,

Some quick feedback on the app.

The good:

  • Generally it’s looking good, quick to load, clean design and interface.
  • PIN access is useful and saves retyping usernames etc to login.
  • Clicking on each bond takes you through to company info and financials which has all the key metrics. Very well organised and informative.

Some areas to work on:

  • There is no TOTAL value. This is a simple metric (investments + cash) and should be displayed clearly on the front page.
  • I would show the ‘cash’ amount before adjusting for ‘pending buy orders’ - this is currently confusing and doesn’t actually show the correct cash amount.
  • Currently no sort options on the market. The new release of the market on the website is great, and implementing this functionality in the app would be really useful. Filters (not no sort) are there in the app but not too useful at present.
  • ‘Blocked funds’ are actually ‘pending buy orders’ - this labelling could be confusing and could make people think “why is something in my account blocked?”
  • Doesn’t seem to be a way to click on the pending buy or pending sell orders to get a list of what’s pending (unless I’ve missed it?)

Keep up the good work!


Hi @MarkO

Thanks for the feedback. We definitely feel a few of these and most are on our list and in our pipeline. Sort and filter functionality is also going to bought in parity with the website.

“Doesn’t seem to be a way to click on the pending buy or pending sell orders to get a list of what’s pending (unless I’ve missed it?)”
You can view open buy and sell orders in the Activity Feed of the app. We are looking to implement more information for open buy and sell orders in the next release coming soon.

Thanks for testing the beta release of the app!