WiseAlpha Bank change


I not sure if I missed the note or something but didn’t know that you guys were changing banks until my scheduled monthly deposit was returned.
Which is all fine it probably just me not reading emails. But my question is I noticed that the last two digits of the reference change? Where as before I just used the same reference. Has this now changed or can I continue the same way I have before?


Hello @ubique, thanks for the message.

We want to help make it easier for WiseAlpha investors to make regular, monthly, contributions to their investing accounts. Christian, our Designer, and the Engineering team are working on a revamped version of Robowise that will support customised payments.

Our revamped version will use your Debit Card, and then the underlying bank details will be transparent to users.

For now, please do use the new bank account and you can use the existing bank reference if you wish.

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