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Is there an easy way to work out how much I have put into WiseAlpha? I have never withdrawn money, I have earned a few bonus money extras, but have no idea what I have put in. Just keep adding a little more when an interesting bond pops up.

Thanks for your question @Kazamx. Let me show you a quick way to figure out the net amount you have deposited into WiseAlpha.

In Account Summary, take note of “Portfolio Value” and “Gain/Loss”. Net deposited amount is Portfolio Value - Gain/Loss + Wallet.

In our FAQ we show an example account with Portfolio Value of €32,856.80, Gain/Loss of €2,046.46, and Wallet of €0.

The example client’s portfolio is currently worth €32,856.80, of this €2,046.46 was investment returns, so we can figure out the client deposited €30,810.34.

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Thank you for the reply. I assumed it worked like that, but the numbers don’t fit.

I have always deposited in multiples of £100
I have earned £25 from a promotion and £50 from a referral.
I have zero in wallet

When I take my Gain/loss from my Portfolio Value it shows £5,642.44‬‬. I assume its me being dense. But I can’t work out how multiples of £100 with £75 in offers minus my gains can end in those numbers

@Kazamx oh it sounds like there could be a bug. For us to look into this more closely could you send me an email (tom@wisealpha.com) with your name or account email address ?

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I have sent the email through.

Let us hope that it’s just me being dense and the system works fine.

EDIT: Tom got back to me. If your trying to do the maths, don’t forget to click lifetime reporting before working things out. If you don’t you will get a strange number like I did.


Be able to sort/filter by maturity / YTM / ratings / sector / country would be interesting.

Create a dashboard on performance metrics (IRR since inception, year by year, YTD performance, QTD ,MTD, etc + visual representation of capital variation over time (with bar charts for instance on in/outflows.

At the bond level, graphic representation of the “listed” price variation over time + adding links on graph to market events (rating changes). This second part should be easy with cityfalcon?

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The home page is not very welcoming, requiring you to take a survey before you can enter the site proper. Once complete, the landing page looks great. Are you required to have that bland home page, or could you have that appear after someone clicks on “Open Account”?

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Great question. Unfortunately, it’s currently a regulatory requirement. However, we are having some positive discussions with the FCA about removing this in the near future.

Is there a way to look at the future cashflow from my investments in the form of monthly income. At the moment under the activity tab I can see a very detailed projection of income and redemption of bonds against each date but I would like to put that information into my spreadsheet for future income for each month. I guess the idea would be a csv format monthly projection - is that possible.

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Hi Tom,

This was mentioned by someone before but I want to add my support for the idea…

One of the main things that would improve the website is being able to sort the market by the headings, ie: Company Name / Maturity / YTM / Principal Invested / Status (amount available)

I assume people will only use the market page when they want to buy bonds, and with the increasing number of bonds available there must be a way to sort these in order to make an informed decision.

Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:



Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for your feedback! I will pass this on to our development team. We’re always looking at ways to improve our functionality and the Market Page is on our list.

Thanks again,
Head of Communities

Thanks Lizzie.

One other point - is it possible to place an order for bonds that are ‘fully invested’, so that when some becomes available it’s automatically purchased? Like a ‘pending buy order’? Otherwise I need to ‘star’ bonds, then keep an eye out, then usually the small amount that came onto the market has disappeared by the time I log in!

This would also give you visibility of the excess demand, which might help decide which bonds to top up when you’re adding some to the market.


Mark, at this point we just have a register your interest button. I will again pass your feedback on to the team. -Lizzie

Good afternoon

Do you have plans to allow regular contributions to be paid in (like a direct debit etc).
I am sure it is one (not clever or imaginative) feature that would increase inflow
Especially into the ISA where robowise is on.


Hi Andrew,

This is something we hope to provide in the future. No precise timeline as yet but I will keep you updated.